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  • Founder member and secretary of MCCANS (Muslim Central College Akkaraipattu National School) UAE chapter

  • Chief Editor of Grand MCCANS Review magazin

GRAND MCCANS REVIEW was launched as a turn-key project for my school' UAE chapter. I am a past pupil of MCCANS (Muslim Central College Akkaraipattu National School). I contributed as the chief editor and published the very first version of the GMR magazine Vol I Issue I. Should you need a PDF version, please send me an email.   
Muslim Central College Akkaraipattu National School -MCCANS UAE Chapter 
GMR | Volume 1, Issue 1 | ​Abstract

The GRAND MCCANS’ REVIEW objectively includes four distinct sections. Sequentially, MCCANS’ COLLOQUIAL, CREATIVITY, THE ENGLISH LEAF AND ‘TAMIL VITHTU’. It allures the intellectual inquisitiveness of modest authors -is what- truly makes the GRAND MCCNAS’ REVIEW alive. The magazine attempts to kindle both the intellectual curiosity and the creativity, of kids, teens and mature adults.


The GRAND MCCANS’ REVIEW- volume 1, issue 1 provides equal importance for both TAMIL and ENGLISH languages. It also has enabled several authors to exhibit their unique writing capabilities to an adequate level. The volume 1, issue 2 will include intellectual insights also in SINGHALESE, Insha Allah.


Demonstrably, articles and creative works of the GRAND MCCANS’ REVIEW are aimed at: We need to shift from being seen as bore, conventional, isolative, to being what it is: grand, connected and inspiring chapter. Your quality reading starts now….. 

MCCANS UAE CHAPTER launched a speech crafters club in September 2019 to enhance the communication skills of our young generation (expatriates' children). I played the chief architecture role, specifically actively involved in the design development of the programme's content and the kickoff ceremony. 
Should you need further information on this please send me an email.  

GMR | Volume 1, Issue 2|  

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