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In my perspective, the research interests contain various suggestions for potential academic research and demonstrate how researchers can build on their subject matter and advancements. Below-incorporated is some of my research interests.​

  • Building Competitive Advantage

  • Digitalization  

  • Structural Equation Methods and Confirmatory Factor Analysis

  • Knowledge workers and Knowledge-Economy

  • Intelligent Strategy

  • Economic Strategy

  • Perceived Organisational Support

  • Social Exchange and Economic Exchange

  • Information Technology Offshoring

  • Process Maturity

  • Information Strategy

  • Creative Imagination

  • New Capitalism

  • Capability Maturity Model Integrated

  • ISO 27001

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine Learning

  • Economic Development

  • Business Transformation

  • Meta Model of Organizational Strategy

  • Econometric Model of Mergers

  • Modeling the Relationship between Strategy and Corporate Performance

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