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a bit about me:


Welcome to my website. It aims to demonstrate my academic portfolio development, contribution to new knowledge and research interests. 


Ashmel is a strategist, researcher, author and teacher. His current role is faculty of strategy operations/information technology. His previous role was as a senior programme manager in the education/information technology sector. His extensive research is widely recognised in governments, corporations, and academic circles around the globe. While Ashmel, at the core, is a scholar in strategy operation, his work has achieved remarkable acceptance by practitioners across multiple fields.


Ashmel is an active author, having written book chapters and published in several leading academic journals. He is strongly identified with research on organizational support strategy, information technology offshoring and enhancing organizational performances. Ashmel has been a university lecturer for over 12 years mainly in the UAE and the UK. His research is focused on education strategy, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, information technology offshoring, perceived organisational support and IT. He is also an editor and a reviewer for a leading peer-review journal.


​He Developed extensive knowledge in research formulation, design and analysis. An expert in Structural Equation Technique: AMOS, Data Analysis tool: SPSS, Profiling tools: Zotero, Mandalee, Mind Mapping, Project Management tools: MS Project, Online lecture delivery tool: Electa, Blackboard and whiteboard and Repository: Moodle.

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